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S'mores & Musher Camp

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Looking for a short tour that's fun for all ages? This S'mores & Musher Camp experience takes you to an authentic dogsledding summer training camp for time with adorable husky puppies and delicious campfire s'mores! Plus, you'll learn about the fascinating sport of dogsledding from experienced mushers who have competed in world-renowned 1000-mile races like the Iditarod and Yukon Quest!

This family-friendly Skagway S'mores and Musher Camp experience starts with a convenient pick-up from the cruise docks. From there, begin a guided tour of historic downtown Skagway followed by a scenic drive along 9-miles of beautiful coastline to the Musher’s Camp in Dyea, once a thriving Gold Rush town. These professional mushers share their passion for the sport while teaching you about the dog's training lifestyle and welcome any additional questions. Of course, plenty of time is alotted for meeting the camp’s coterie of future star athletes: the husky puppies! Playing with these bouncy bundles of joy is an important part of the socialization process that is essential to their future racing success, so don’t hold back in the cuddles department!

Next, we'll enjoy time around the campfire and create delicious treats as your guide teaches you the art of s'more roasting! Take in the beauty of the surrounding area with a self-guided nature hike along gorgeous waterfalls and dense Alaskan forest, or relax on the deck of the saloon which overlooks a picturesque stream. With cute as a button puppies, delicious treats around the fire, and breathtaking natural beauty, this tour is sure to be enjoyed by the whole family!

What's Included

Dock-to-dock transportation is included with this tour. Restroom facilities are available at base camp. There is an opportunity to purchase refreshments and concessions at the base camp area.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is this excursion, and is transportation to and from your camp included?
This tour includes transportation to and from your cruise ship dock. The entire excursion (dock to dock) is about 2 ¾ hours.
What if our cruise ship's schedule is canceled or delayed?
We will try our best to work with you to reschedule the tour to a later time. If that is not a possibility or your ship doesn't make it into port, then you will receive a refund, less any non-refundable fees.
When should we reserve this tour? Can we book it when we arrive to Skagway?
This tour, like many others, does operate with limited spacing so advanced reservations are recommended. Often times, last minute reservations or day-of arrivals cannot be accommodated, so we always say that it's best to book the tour as soon as you have an idea that this is the one for you.

Quick Facts


2h 45min

The minimum age for participants is 0 years old.

Cancel up to 14-days before the tour for a refund. No refund is available if canceled within 14-days of the tour. If for any reason your tour is canceled, or if your cruise ship’s schedule changes, you will receive a refund. Refunds do not include any non-refundable fees.




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