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Helicopter Tours in Alaska

If it’s an airborne adventure you’re looking for, then boy do we have some amazing Alaska helicopter tours for you! And whether your cruise is docking in Juneau, Skagway, Anchorage, Denali, or Ketchikan, you can experience Alaska’s breathtaking scenery from above. 

For the ultimate views, try the Top of the World Helicopter Tour from Ketchikan. Soar over the vast Tongass Forest, taking in waterfalls, islands, and crystalline lakes along the way. After landing on Annette Island’s highest peak, nothing will compare to the panoramic views back over the Inside Passage, where cruise ships holding thousands of people look like specks in the distance. And you’ll know how unique an experience this is, as ours is one of only a handful of Alaska helicopter tours that’s allowed to land in this special spot. 

If your onshore time is short, but you still want to see one of Alaska’s most remote parts, then the Tundra Express is the tour for you. Fly over the unique ecosystem of Alaska’s perma-frozen tundra, taking in the surrounding mountains and perhaps even Mount Denali, North America’s highest peak. You’ll also get to appreciate the wide open space of the tundra on foot, as your guide shares fascinating information on the spongy ground underfoot.   

From Anchorage, you have the opportunity to join a Helicopter and Glacier Dogsled Tour that will take you high over the Chugach Range, glimpsing the Knik Glacier and Lake George en route. This is followed by a visit to the summer residence of an Alaskan husky pack, where a ride with the dogs and their mushers will top off your great Alaskan adventure.  

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