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For the active traveler looking for wildlife opportunities in an exclusive private group setting, the Private Wildlife Kayak Paddle can provide both the wildlife Alaska ...

Activity Level: Moderate
Categories: Active, Private, Kayaking, Whale Watching, Wildlife Viewing
Price: $549/person Photos

One of our favorite Juneau tours, the Taste of the Tongass Kayak is a family-friendly excursion and great for all ability levels. There's something refreshing ...

Activity Level: Moderate
Categories: Active, Kayaking, Adventure, Unique to Juneau
Price: $249/person Photos

Explore Juneau by sea and get views of the Mendenhall Glacier that you can't find anywhere else on this exciting new tour! The Glacier View ...

Activity Level: Moderate
Categories: Active, Kayaking, Adventure
Price: $109/person Photos

This top-of-the-line tour, simply put, is the cream of the crop among Juneau adventure excursions! Featuring both a tranquil, gorgeous paddle across a glacial meltwater ...

Activity Level: Medium
Categories: Active, Adventure, Unique to Juneau, Glacier Tours
Price: $499/person Photos

Hands-down the most exclusive Juneau tour we offer, this Admiralty brown bear viewing tour is a full-day excursion that provides wildlife encounters on another level. ...

Activity Level: Moderate
Categories: Off the Beaten Path, Flightseeing, Unique to Juneau, Wildlife Viewing
Price: $759/person Photos
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