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One of our favorite Juneau tours, a Taste of Nature Kayak and Gourmet Food Adventure is a family-friendly excursion and great for all ability levels. ...

Activity Level: Moderate
Categories: Paddle Adventure, Active, Food & Drink
Price: $199/person Photos

This top-of-the-line tour, simply put, is the cream of the crop among Juneau adventure excursions! Featuring both a tranquil, gorgeous paddle across a glacial meltwater ...

Activity Level: Medium
Categories: Paddle Adventure, Private, Active
Price: $499/person Photos

For many travelers arriving to Juneau, Mendenhall Glacier is on the top of the bucket list. The Mendenhall Glacier Guided Kayak Tour allows you to ...

Activity Level: Moderate
Categories: Active, Paddle Adventure, Glacier View
Price: $209/person Photos

For the active traveler looking for wildlife opportunities in an exclusive private group setting, the Paddle With Whales Kayak Adventure can provide both the wildlife ...

Activity Level: Moderate
Categories: Private, Paddle Adventure, Wildlife Viewing
Price: $549/person Photos
SALE:45% OFF View More Details

Explore Juneau by sea and get views of the Mendenhall Glacier that you can't find anywhere else on this exciting new tour! The Glacier View ...

Activity Level: Moderate
Categories: Paddle Adventure, Glacier View, Active
Price: $109/person Photos
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