Private Mendenhall Glacier Trek

  • Private Mendenhall Glacier Trek
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    Don your own set of crampons, grab some ice tools, and prepare to learn from the masters!
  • Private Mendenhall Glacier Trek
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    No words needed: the Mendenhall Glacier ice caves speak for themselves.
  • Private Mendenhall Glacier Trek
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    Crevasses, waterfalls, and moulins (“moo-lahns”): oh my!
  • Private Mendenhall Glacier Trek
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    It’s like something out of a science fiction movie! The Mendenhall Glacier ice caves are truly a sight to behold.
  • Private Mendenhall Glacier Trek
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    Conditions permitting, you’ll see the ice caves close-up and personal on your Private Mendenhall Glacier Trek!
  • Private Mendenhall Glacier Trek
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    Behold, the legendary Mendenhall Glacier ice caves….
  • Private Mendenhall Glacier Trek
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    Crackly crevasses cover the glacier, but not to worry: your personal guide is an expert at glacier travel!
  • Private Mendenhall Glacier Trek
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    Truly a stunning behemoth, Mendenhall Glacier sits just 10 miles from Juneau.
  • Private Mendenhall Glacier Trek
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    Adventurous soul! Mendenhall Glacier is covered in gorgeous pockets of crystal-blue ice like this one.
Do you consider yourself an adventurer, a lover of exciting journeys to stunning destinations where few people have gone? If so, the brand-new Private Mendenhall Glacier Trek, one of the most gorgeous and exclusive excursions in Juneau Alaska, could be just the unique adventure you’re looking for! In many ways a parallel to the standard Mendenhall Glacier Trek, but with a personal guide to lead your very own private group, this highly involved and somewhat technical outing gives you the chance to explore first-hand a dazzling world of crystal-blue glacier ice! Assuming conditions are favorable, it even features the chance to spend time in the genuinely otherworldly Mendenhall Glacier ice caves! Especially if you’re on the hunt for a highly customized glacier experience, or if you want to make sure your group can travel at whatever pace best suits it, the Private Mendenhall Glacier Trek is, simply put, one of the absolutely premier excursions in Juneau Alaska.

What to expect and what not to expect with this Juneau shore excursion

Your awesome adventure starts with convenient pick-up from either the cruise docks or the place of your choosing. Then it’s off for a stellar drive to the famed Mendenhall Valley, where you’ll don your trekking gear and head out alongside your expert guide toward the glacier itself! Next, you’ll start up a fairly strenuous, but immensely beautiful, trail toward the ice, passing around lovely Mendenhall Lake via an ancient temperate rainforest. Later, glacier-side, you’ll suit step into crampons for the true adventure. You’ll pass alongside yawning, massive crevasses, crystal-clear meltwater streams, and bright blue glacial pools.

  • Physical fitness required
  • Full-day hiking with glacier traversing
  • Introductory mountaineering basics on Mendenhall Glacier
  • Intimate small-group setting
  • All gear, equipment and transportation provided for you
  • 9 hours duration

And because it’s an exclusive private tour, you get to decide what’s next! Are the Mendenhall Glacier ice caves on your bucket list? Your guide will lead the way. Or perhaps you’d especially like to learn how to ice climb? If that’s the case, your leader can set up a toprope and walk you through the essentials of ice travel as you tool your way up a sheer icy-blue face! No matter what your glacier dream day consist of, the Private Mendenhall Glacier Trek has you covered! Considering that it’s among the very most exclusive excursions in Juneau Alaska, however, this adventurous outing has highly limited spaces. Make sure you book early to save spots! Note: Price per person varies as a function of group size. See the pricing tab for pricing specifics.

If you’re down for glacier-front views but would prefer a shorter hiking portion, perhaps you’d be interested in the Private Mendenhall Glacier Kayak & Trek. Or, to find out more about glacier caves, see this brand-new piece on Mendenhall Glacier ice caves, which comes from our emerging Nature and History series.

Want more glacier time? Check out the exclusive Skagway Glacier Discovery Helicopter Tour!

Minimum Ages, Cancellations, Accessibility, Etc.


  • Restrictions: The minimum age for participants is 8 years old.
  • Accessibility: Must be fit enough to hike for 7+ hours covering over 8-9 miles of strenuous terrain (see trip description above) carrying a 10-15 pound backpack.
  • Cancellation Policy: In the event your cruise ship is late, delayed, or doesn't make it into port we always issue a full refund for the tour. Changes or cancellations are allowed up to 14 days prior to the tour departure with absolutely no penalty. Including 'Flex Cancel' allows cancellations and refunds up to 24-hours before the tour. Any cancellations made within 14 days of the tour departure (or within 24-hours with Flex Cancel) are nonrefundable.
  • What to Wear: We recommend you prepare for rain and hope for sunshine in regards to the weather. Due to the cool, damp climate, it is best not to wear cotton and instead, wear clothing made of polyester, wool, fleece, nylon, polypropylene and/or capilene. A full list of what to bring and how to prepare will be included in your confirmation email.
For availability and timing, complete the information on the sidebar
  • Rate for 2 people: $449.00/person
  • Rate for 3-6 people: $299.00/person
  • Passenger Rate for 7-12 people: $275.00/person
  • There are no child rates available for this tour
    + 5% sales tax
You've got questions, we've got answers
Q:Will the trip still operate if it is raining?
Because much of SE Alaska is a rainforest, these trips do operate rain or shine. Rain jackets and pants are provided on this trip. If weather conditions are unsafe, the trip will be canceled and we will provide a full refund.
Q:What if our ship is delayed or doesn't make it into port? Refund?
It's very rare that a ship is delayed into port, but in those cases we will try our best to work with you to reschedule the tour to a later time. If that is not a possibility or your ship doesn't make it into port, we will of course refund the full cost of the tour.
Q:What can I do to prepare physically for this trip?
Cardiovascular training is a must. You will be hiking approximately 8 miles roundtrip for 7+ hours on uneven terrain. Cardiovascular training will increase your endurance making for a more pleasant experience on the trail. In addition, get yourself out on a hike and choose trails that are uneven. We oftentimes get people who are in good physical condition (i.e. train at the gym daily, run several times a week), but struggle on the uneven surface because they are used to exercising on flat ground, which does not require much balancing and much use of the small muscles in the legs and ankles.
Q:What's the weather like on the glacier? Is it cold?
Juneau temperatures during the summer are typically between 50 and 65 degrees, with an average of 56 degrees Fahrenheit (13 degrees Celsius). The temperature on the glacier is about 5 degrees cooler, but can feel up to 15 degrees cooler due to katabatic winds (cold downslope winds coming down the glacier). Please bring layers of clothing including a warm hat and gloves.
Q:What about restroom facilities along the way?
You'll have a chance at the kayak base to use the restroom, but after that we will be entering the great outdoors. We recommend all guests follow 'Leave No Trace Principles' and should the need arise, we request packing all trash from the trip including toilet paper. If this is of concern for you, we recommend bringing toilet paper and a ziploc bag for easy packing.
Q:How many guests can come on this tour?
There can be up to 12 participants on this trip, and there is a minimum of 2 guests for the trip to operate.
Q:What is the surface of the glacier like?
The area that we travel on is in the ablation zone, the section of the glacier that is melting and not covered in snow half the year. The surface is wet, a little bit dirty, slippery, and uneven with crevasses and seracs (towers/fins of ice) adjacent to and in our trekking routes. It is wet due to melting ice and from the meandering melt-water streams. It is dirty due to the movement of the glacier scraping the sides of the mountains, winds blowing dust and debris onto the ice, and 150 years worth of atmospheric dust settling onto the glacier. To prevent us from sliding while walking on the ice, we wear crampons. The specific route taken on the glacier is selected by the guides to meet the ability and adventure level of the clients.
Q:Are we guaranteed the chance to see Mendenhall Glacier ice caves?
We don't guarantee ice cave visits. Because the caves are dynamic and change rapidly, visits are condition-dependent. Your guides will ultimately make the call whether or not it is safe to enter an ice cave.
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Default Avatar125
Dave B
mendenhal glacier

The fellas were very pleasant and professional. The hike was easy and not long. Each of the gentlemen had interesting information about the hike and glacier. These guys are so classy that they saved a hiking group from traversing a dangerous area and possibly slipping and falling to their death.
The glacier was amazing. Glacier water was a cool addition. We were hesitant on going into the ice cave but we were confidant in the guide’s ability.
Overall the hike was awesome


Sam was so great and highly recommended by our group. We had so much fun on this adventure! Check it off the bucket list!

Default Avatar125
Jeff P
los angeles
mendenhall trek

Fabulous trip. It was fun exciting and awesome! Don't miss it.

Default Avatar125
Jeff P
los angeles
Mendenhall Trek

Fabulous trip. It was fun exciting and awesome! Don't miss it.


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