A little disappointing.
I was looking forward to this tour, but we were left a little disappointed. We booked the 3pm tour, the tour was 2.5 hours and it said we would be back by 5:30, so we booked 6:30 dinner reservations. That should have been plenty of time for us to do everything. When we checked in the guy said that we would leave at 3:30. I said what happened to 3:00 because we need to be back by 5:30. He then said that he could arrange things to still have us back by 5:30 but that meant losing 30 mins of our tour. I said that wasn't acceptable and I wanted the tour that we had booked. After some finagling we managed to get on two separate tours that would leave at 3 and get us back at 5:30. It was annoying having to run back and forth to get on the right shuttles rather than having the combo tour that I had originally booked. I'm not sure what happened with their times, but I wasn't happy that I didn't get the tour that I had booked. I don't recommend unless you are very flexible with your times in port.

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