Judy P

I would have rated this higher if I could. Starting from the beginning, I worked with Jeremy to book the trek. He made sure I understood how challenging the trip would be. I met the group at the designated location - off we went in a van to the warehouse to be outfitted. Every detail has been considered for comfort and safety. All new - or almost new - gear. Once outfitted, we went out to the lake, walked a bit and started paddling our canoes to the Glacier. The sights were beautiful. Our guides - Corey, Miles, Kate and Jake - were knowledgeable, cheerful, helpful and delightful. We reached shore and carefully worked out way up to the Glacier - our guides watching out for us. While the walk is not difficult, it is challenging because of the gravel and dirt making it difficult to get sure-footed. We came upon the Ice Cave. We were given the option to enter or not as there was concern rocks would fall from above - even though we had helmets. There was no way that I was going to miss this opportunity of a lifetime and I am so very glad that I did not miss it! It was brilliant being inside the cave with the blue light reflecting through the ice, the river flowing through. Peaceful. Beautiful. Primal. Brilliant. We stayed about a half hour and started our trek with our cleats on the Glacier. Scary but, again, an experience not to be missed. If you can do it, do it. You will remember this forever. Kudos to all the team for making this a safe and memorable trek. Tip well. They deserve it.

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