Deborah Wilson

My husband and I traveled in a small group of 6 and signed up for your tour prior to leaving home. Our excursion took place on Sept. 7th. I'm sorry I don't remember any names of the guides but I'm sure you have that information. The guide for the city tour was very informative and personable but the city tour itself was nothing more than a ride thru town....nearly nothing and moved to quickly for photos except for one photo stop. The Mendenhall Glacier was magnificent. We had ample time to visit and get lots of great pictures. Then, we boarded the bus to the whale watch and the tour took another dip. The driver spent the entire ride giving us the do's and don'ts of the boat ride but did it as if he was talking to toddlers. We felt as if we were being scolded to behave. However, the whale watch was so wonderful, the trip was saved. the crew on the boat went out of their way to make sure we saw as many whales as possible and we were very happy. Maybe you could work a little more on the "city" part and adjust the second driver's tone somewhat and the trip would be darn near perfect. Since we actually signed on for the glacier and whale watch I would probably recommend your service with a little disclaimer. We did feel we got our money"s worth. Thanks from Tennessee.

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