zipline fantastic the tour guides priceless
This was part of my sisters bucket list . I thought it would be a fun part of our vacation . I had no idea how terrified I would actually be . I cannot say enough about our two guides . Brittany was pure joy and I could never have done this without her support . She never gave up on me although in her shoes I would have . It took me 20 min to take the plunge . the ride itself is smooth and wonderful . She kept telling me the people who are afraid and do it end up loving it the most . I think this is a fact . I will forever be grateful for doing this . Let me say my sister had a blast . She leaped off the platform like a pro . She says she would do this again only without me . I forget the name of our other guide but he was wonderful too . I believe there are two or three zip line tour choices offered in Juneau . I would choose Alaska Adventure tours .

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