Brian C

Mendenhall Glacier Paddle/Exploration -Best Ever!!
We knew if this excursion was all that we thought it would be it would be a once in a lifetime experience and it didn't disappoint. We were originally scheduled to paddle kayaks but due to our ships late arrival our guides determined it would be better for us to switch to canoe's so we could make the paddle quicker. The paddle across the glacier lake was absolutely beautiful with icebergs floating by, the glacier and a waterfall in the background. Our guides Jake and Katie were very knowledgable and provided us with interesting lessons in geology, biology and history during the paddle. We were outfitted (rain gear, boots, backpacks, safety gear )at the shop before heading to the lake and my kids especially loved the individual snack bags with everything from hummus and carrots to chocolate bars - great for refueling after the paddle. Once we arrived on the shore beside the glacier we had a short hike up to the glacier and then put on our crampons and walked out onto the glacier. I felt like the guides were very cautious and ensured our safety at all times, during one point of the hike the guides discussed and decided to change routes due to the glacier shifting slightly since the prior day. My wife is a little scared of heights and Katie was awesome with keeping her relaxed during the hike and even hanging back with her a few times until she had the confidence built up to move on. The views on the glacier were absolutely beautiful, breathtaking. To top off an amazing time on the glacier we were able to go inside of an ice cave and it was amazing - the blue light in the ice was like nothing i have ever seen. Of all the excursions we have taken - even in warm water destinations - this one was the most memorable of them all. We all felt like we'd had the opportunity to do something truly special...I can't recommend this excursion, the company, or our guides enough!

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