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Montana Our guides

Our guides on the buses out to the glacier were both Native American locals who provided great information and insight into the Juneau area and history. Both were a lot of fun. The glacier was beautiful! There was a slight mix up on our reservation but we were put on the trolley tour and then we went out to the glacier and all worked out for the best.

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A little disappointing.

I was looking forward to this tour, but we were left a little disappointed. We booked the 3pm tour, the tour was 2.5 hours and it said we would be back by 5:30, so we booked 6:30 dinner reservations. That should have been plenty of time for us to do everything. When we checked in the guy said that we would leave at 3:30. I said what happened to 3:00 because we need to be back by 5:30. He then said that he could arrange things to still have us back by 5:30 but that meant losing 30 mins of our tour. I said that wasn't acceptable and I wanted the tour that we had booked. After some finagling we managed to get on two separate tours that would leave at 3 and get us back at 5:30. It was annoying having to run back and forth to get on the right shuttles rather than having the combo tour that I had originally booked. I'm not sure what happened with their times, but I wasn't happy that I didn't get the tour that I had booked. I don't recommend unless you are very flexible with your times in port.

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Juneau Tour

An enjoyable tour with a local " First Nations " guide who was very informative and interesting. Only drawback was having to clear the bus windows of condensation throughout the journey, with kitchen roll.

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Rocklin California

Our driver really gave a hometown feel to our tour.

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Medenhall was enough

Thanks for the tour. In hindsight if I were to do it again, I think I would just take the trip to the glacier. A lot of the information given on the city tour was repeated on the glacier tour. And the glacier tour on it's own could be bought for just $10. It was wonderful when we got there.

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Orange County, Ca

Excellent Customer Service. Drew was so helpful and patient with me. I was booking for 11 and trying to get the best bang for my buck. Enjoyed both excursions in Juneau and Skagway! You won't be sorry!!

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Atlanta, GA
Great value for your $

The Glacier is well worth seeing & Juneau Shore Tours offers a very competitive price. You can look high & low but you won't beat their price, especially if you combine a second city tour (Skagway).

The Skagway tour was a lot of fun, the tour guide was informative & entertaining. The minibus was comfortable, it was a small group & we exited the bus quite often to better see the sights. Really enjoyed the tour.

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New York State

I thought the city tour was entertaining. I liked the glacier tour and seeing the glacier, however, it was basically a bus ride to the glacier. The bus driver was informative, but it didn't involve anything about the glacier; it was about the town.

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