Giving 5% Back to Alaska


You book your Alaska shore excursion with Juneau Shore Tours. Woohoo!


Juneau Shore Tours allocates 5% of your booking toward environmental and cultural strengthening programs.


These programs keep Alaska clean, pristine, wild, and unique for future generations.


Alaska retains its majestic, pristine wilderness and unique cultural identity and is still an amazing destination for years to come.


Your grandchildren book their Alaska shore excursion with Juneau Shore Tours. See where we're going with this?

Below are the current organizations with whom we allocate 5% of profits. We believe these organizations strongly embody the vision of creating a sustainable mold for Alaska tourism for the years ahead. By focusing on the environmental and cultural aspects of what makes Alaska a unique and desirable destination, together with your help we will ensure a strong and healthy future.

Mission, Vision, & Projects

Alaska Conservation Foundation envisions an inspiring Alaska that is naturally thriving, biologically and culturally diverse, rich in wildlands, bountiful in terrestrial and marine life, sustainable in its economic development and thoughtfully protected—forever.

The Alaska Conservation Foundation protects Alaska’s natural environment and the diverse cultures and ways of life it sustains. They do this by promoting conservation philanthropy and by strategically directing resources to conservation leaders, organizations, and initiatives.
Top Issues:

Mission, Vision, and Projects

An educational and cultural institution for all Alaskans, the Alaska Native Heritage Center provides programs in both academic and informal settings, including workshops, demonstrations, and guided tours of indoor exhibits and outdoor village sites. The Alaska Native Heritage Center is an amazing interactive cultural experience. More than a museum, the Center provides an opportunity to explore the indigenous cultures of Alaska firsthand - cultures that continue to adapt to modern society, yet still maintain a vibrant identity for the Native peoples of Alaska.

The mission of the Alaska Native Heritage Center is to share, perpetuate and preserve the unique Alaska Native cultures, languages, traditions and values through celebration and education.

5% Pledge
Sustainable Tourism

5% of our profits will go to support Alaskan sustainable tourism efforts. That's our pledge at Juneau Shore Tours