Helicopter Glacier Trek

  • Helicopter Glacier Trek with Juneau Shore Tours
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    Gorgeous views and epic adventures on the icefield.
  • Helicopter Glacier Trek with Juneau Shore Tours
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    As you explore the glacier, your guide will give you plenty of time to stop and enjoy the impressive landscape.
  • Helicopter Glacier Trek with Juneau Shore Tours
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    Most of the Juneau Icefield is inaccessible unless traveling by helicopter.
  • Helicopter Glacier Trek with Juneau Shore Tours
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    Endless photo opportunities, make sure to have your camera handy!
  • Helicopter Glacier Trek with Juneau Shore Tours
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    Safety briefings with the group so you can explore as many remote areas as possible.
  • Helicopter Glacier Trek with Juneau Shore Tours
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    The guides lead the way to different glacial features to make the most out of your two-hour trek.
  • Helicopter Glacier Trek with Juneau Shore Tours
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    Incredible landscapes that can only be accessed by helicopter.
  • Helicopter Glacier Trek with Juneau Shore Tours
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    Small group sizes not only ensure your safety, but allow for a more personalized experience.
  • Helicopter Glacier Trek with Juneau Shore Tours
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    Making memories that will last a lifetime!
  • Helicopter Glacier Trek with Juneau Shore Tours
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    Walking on these massive glaciers can feel other-worldly.
  • Helicopter Glacier Trek with Juneau Shore Tours
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    Excitement builds as you make your way across the ice to different features.
Looking for an in-depth glacier exploration that doesn't take all day to reach? Then the Helicopter Glacier Trek is the tour for you. Most of the Juneau Icefield is inaccessible without taking to the skies, which is why the Mendenhall Glacier helicopter tour is a perfect choice. Soar over awe-inspiring peaks before landing on one of several glaciers where adventure awaits you on this two-hour trek. Learn about the fascinating ice features from the expert guides as they take you on an unforgettable journey. No experience is required on this helicopter glacier trek, but don’t forget your camera and an adventurous spirit!

What to expect and what not to expect with this Juneau shore excursion

This Mendenhall Glacier helicopter tour begins with pickup at the cruise ship docks. Upon arrival at the helicopter base, you’ll be fitted in all of the necessary gear. The experienced and knowledgeable guides will explain the safety requirements and glacial features so that you can explore remote areas on the ever-changing glacier. Let the excitement build as you climb into the helicopter and fly over several glaciers and captivating peaks.

  • Helicopter flights over the Juneau Icefield
  • 2-hour hike on the glacier
  • Great for groups of 3 or more
  • A small-group setting that is definitely off the beaten path

After touching down on the giant icescape, your journey has just begun on this adventurous helicopter glacier trek. Explore deep crevasses, moulins, and frozen rivers of ice as your guides safely navigate you on this two-hour trek. Finally, soak it all in with more breathtaking views during your helicopter flight back to town. Your guide will drive you right back to the cruise ship dock, leaving you with no worries about navigating around Juneau Alaska, and an adventure you will never forget!

For those wanting an even more in-depth glacier exploration which includes ice-climbing, check out the Extended Helicopter Glacier Trek!

Experience the perfect Inside Passage package by pairing this excursion with the Glacier Point Wilderness Safari in Skagway and the Backcountry Zodiac Expedition in Ketchikan!

Minimum Ages, Cancellations, Accessibility, Etc.


  • Restrictions: The minimum age for this tour is 12 years old. This trip requires physical activity. Participants should be in good physical condition. In the event that 3 seats are not secured by the date of the tour, an alternate tour or full refund will be offered. There is a no bag policy in the aircraft, if you have medical needs that require a carry-on, please contact us. All bags brought to the base will be stored in the tour office until you return from your flight.
  • Accessibility: Passenger names and weights are required by the FAA for weight and balance calculations and flight manifesting. To ensure the comfort of all travelers, passengers weighing 250 pounds (clothed weight) or more must pay an additional $150.00 to secure extra space in the aircraft.
  • Cancellation Policy: In the event your cruise ship is late, delayed, or doesn't make it into port we always issue a full refund for the tour. Changes or cancellations are allowed up to 14 days prior to the tour departure with absolutely no penalty. Including 'Flex Cancel' allows cancellations and refunds up to 24-hours before the tour. Any cancellations made within 14 days of the tour departure (or within 24-hours with Flex Cancel) are nonrefundable.
  • What to Wear: Dress warmly and in layers as the temperature on the glacier is often colder than you are used to. We recommend long pants, a hat, mid-height athletic socks, and sunglasses! The following equipment is provided: Rain and wind-proof jacket and pants, hard shell mountaineering boots, crampons, gloves, helmet, harness, trekking pole, and pack with tissues, water, and a granola bar. Remember to bring your camera and an appetite for adventure!
For availability and timing, complete the information on the sidebar.
  • Passenger Rate: $435.00
  • There are no child rates available for this tour
    + 5% sales tax
You've got questions, we've got answers
Q:How many passengers per helicopter?
Each helicopter can seat up to 6 passengers, provided the weight and balance calculations work out in each aircraft.
Q:What if my tour group is larger than 6 people?
There are several helicopters available at the base, and we can make accommodations for larger groups with advance notice. If your group exceeds 6 passengers and requires the use of multiple aircraft, we instruct the pilots to coordinate landing locations on the glacier so that you can have your landing time together.
Q:Will the pilot get out with us?
Definitely. Your pilot will act as your guide for your entire helicopter tour, including the time you’ll spend on the glacier. This allows for a truly focused tour experience.
Q:Will we see wildlife on the tour?
There is a good chance wildlife will be seen during your tour, either in flight or while on the glacier. However, this is not a wildlife viewing tour and we cannot guarantee you will see wildlife.
Q:Can children come on the tour?
This tour has a minimum age requirement of 12 years old.
Q:What happens if the weather is too bad to fly?
If the weather is just not cooperating and the pilots determine that it’s too bad to fly, we’ll do our best to reschedule you to a later time of day that works for you. If you choose not to reschedule or we can’t find a time that works for you, our refund policy clearly states that refunds due to weather canceled flights are refunded in full.
Q:What if I need extra help on the tour?
Your pilot will be with you the entire tour, so they’ll be happy to lend a helping hand whenever necessary. If you require extra assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us ahead of your tour and discuss your particular needs.
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